Blog Post Social Media For Healthcare – Important Facts You Should Know

Social Media For Healthcare – Important Facts You Should Know



Social Media For Healthcare – Important Facts You Should Know

In a world where there is cut throat competition among hospitals, clinics, medical centers, medical practices and several other healthcare providers, the implementation of promotion techniques has become extremely useful. If you run a healthcare organization and are experiencing a decline in the people contacting you to receive health treatments, then it is certain that you would feel the need to opt for marketing your business in order to attract a larger clientèle. Marketing is quite a diverse field, and there are lots of techniques to implement it, they all depend upon the requirements of your business. The technique we are going to discuss in this article is social media for healthcare, which seems the simplest, most cost-effective and the most efficient method to promote any healthcare organization.

Social media offers many opportunities for people looking to promote their products and services. You might have seen many businesses in your Facebook or Twitter account that linked to the homepage of a business. Healthcare is a field that needs to be heavily promoted because people have lots of options when they get ill. Various hospitals and medical centers offer the services they need which gives them a complete satisfaction considering the money they spend.

What happens when you choose the social media for healthcare advertising method?

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, most likely you might have come across a company advertisement or sponsored result for a social media promotion. You need to click a link to be further redirected to a page where you will have to follow given steps in order to follow the advertising procedure. It is a simple method that will not cost you much, especially when compared to traditional methods of advertising that include printing and delivery of coupons or discounts, to say the least about all the paperwork handling involved.

Social media websites are most effectively used when connecting with people and not when used for advertising. In order to catch people’s attention, your social media strategy must be relevant and fresh. Furthermore, it is crucial to keep advertisements eye-popping so that whosoever looks at it, will not scroll down without clicking on it. In healthcare, in particular, your marketing tactics must be legal and ethical in order to avoid getting banned.

If you are seeing a decline in your patients or customers, a wise choice is promoting your services through social media. The reach and level of engagement that this medium can achieve is tremendous and constantly evolving. If you do not think you have the time or skills to manage it, you should consider hiring a marketing agency that specializes in social media for healthcare.

Let’s look at some social media for healthcare facts

A study regarding correlates in Social Media and Health issues by the the Journal of Internet Medical Research reports that 60 percent of adults use the Internet to find health information. It also reports that almost 10% of patients leave online reviews. Whereas chronic disease patients are twice as likely to consult online rankings. Do you know how that affects your practice? Have you identified both opportunities and threats from this patient behaviour?

Here is another useful resource. An up-to-date and ever-growing resource put up by Mayo Clinic’s social media network regarding the social media activities of several hospital and clinics across the nation. The project has an ambitious goal, while it is a work in progress, it offers a good snapshot of the social media activity across large healthcare providers. This would be a very easy way to benchmark your social media activities.

For a closer look into social media attitudes and expectations, including a demographic breakdown, I suggest checking PWC’s research in social media and healthcare. It offers useful insights from a consumer perspective regarding large healthcare organizations. Among its key findings I will mention the following: 54% of consumers feel confident or very confident about their doctors going to online physician communities. 49% of respondents also mention that they expect their healthcare organization to respond in social media within a few hours of being contacted.

Finally, a great way to start in social media is checking the’s Medical Social Networking post. Not only does it cover some social media questions, it also provides a list of excellent resources for the healthcare provider aiming to start of keep up its efforts in social media.

As you’ve seen, there are many options available to start and master your social media efforts. I’ve put up this list of resources as a starter’s point, but don’t forget social media is an always evolving field. Whether you or a social media for healthcare marketing agency, your social media effort will require dedicated resources, remember the following: Yesterday is the best time to start, but today is the best time to pursue excellence.
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