Blog Post Healthcare Marketing Agencies – What to Expect from them?

Healthcare Marketing Agencies – What to Expect from them?



Healthcare Marketing Agencies – What to Expect from them?

With the rapid increase in competition among various medical clinics and healthcare providers around the world, it has become essential to get the help of marketing and advertising agencies to help promote your services or products. With an ageing population highly active in digital channels, it has become crucial to develop a tailored marketing plan for any healthcare provider. More so considering declines in customers and/or patients. This article should clarify your expectations when choosing the services of healthcare marketing agencies.

Given the need to improve their clientèle, people managing the medical service centres and other healthcare organizations are taking serious initiatives to avail the benefits of hiring a healthcare marketing agency. Especially useful when trying to improve their business in the global grounds. If a business does not seem to be running well, it is a wise call to contact the marketing agency of your choice and ask for a tailored marketing plan.

Marketing agencies must understand your business objectives so they can chalk out their strategies accordingly. That’s why it is a good idea to hire an agency that specializes in a specific industry. This way, their research is usually quite deep, and they will try to extract all the possible information from business owners in order to give fruitful results. The main objective of any business should be to win the trust of buyers and consumers so that it can result in sustainable utilization of the services they offer. Marketing agencies use different strategies, all designed to help you achieve your desired results. Thus, it is not wise to hide things from them, you run the risk of not being able to get the results you desire.

Once you have selected and hired a marketing agency, it is advisable to work as per their guidelines. Marketing results can be hard to measure and control when mixing several efforts. An integral part of any marketing campaigns is the use of social media. Although this involves the effort of both internal and external resources, it is wise to have a professional agency take care of your social media monitoring.

Using social media is one of the best ways to make people aware of your organization. Although the idea of spending money on print and other physical mediums to promote your business might also occur to you, those are obsolete methods with fewer chances of being successful. In order to capture the attention of highly-connected consumers, your safest bet is to hire a healthcare marketing agency to design a tailored plan for your healthcare organization.

The following is a selection of current healthcare marketing agencies. It is non inclusive but it’s a work in progress. By providing this resources we are showing our commitment to transparency and collaboration. Hope you find it as resourceful as we find it.

Healthcare Marketing Agencies

Tech Med Marketing: With staff in Texas and California, this hybrid agency offers the full suite of marketing tools. Our approach of publicly displaying prices seems like a bold and much-needed move in the industry. We are trying to show our commitment to transparency. Our plans start at $899 for a custom website, I dare you to find a better deal.

MedNet Technologies: Located in NY, their services include web design and development, hosting, SEO, SEM, SMM, and some tailored applications. Their portfolio is wide, but their prices are as sky-high.

Medical Web Experts: Based in San Diego California, they offer the full range of marketing services, including print. I did not find pricing information but I would probably expect them to ba on the high-end.

Healthcare Success: Although they advertise custom built medical websites, their portfolio shows very similar sites. I would expect this lack of originality to be compensated in price.

Vital Element: Another company that showed up in search. They offer a similar set of services, including web design, and internet marketing. Pricing wasn’t shown.

Medical Management Associates: This agency offers website design and hosting, print, SEO and SEM. They don’t offer social media solutions but they do present their website design prices, with a minimum of 1,500 dollars for a basic site.

MedTouch: An award winning company. They seem pretty good and with a top-of-the line portfolio. I didn’t like that their blog hasn’t been updated since October 2012.

Einstein Medical: Einstein medical offers website design, search engine marketing, social medial, video production and apps. Their portfolio seems solid, although a little limited.

Officite: The company doesn’t display their prices, but they do present a variety of sample websites, which in my opinion, they all look quite similar.

Physician Designs: Again, the common denominator in most web design and development agencies is pricing non disclosure. Besides web design, this company offers SEO, SEM, and social media packages.

DoctorSites: DoctorSites offers an interesting plan for a quick launch, although I doubt in the long-term benefit of cheap solutions. Their prices are unbeatable, starting at $59 a month for a template design, that is ready in 10 minutes. Well, no words here, you get what you paid for. Their custom solutions start at $1,500. Much higher than our lowest plan.

My Social Practice: This company also offers an interesting solution for social media for dental practices. The problem is transparency, although with only one product offering, I doubt they’ll be expensive. I am curious about their future plans.

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