Blog Post Facing the Dilemma of Healthcare Marketing Agency Selection

Facing the Dilemma of Healthcare Marketing Agency Selection



Facing the Dilemma of Healthcare Marketing Agency Selection

Healthcare specialists face a dilemma when competing against other professionals in the field of medicine. The medical field is overcrowded with more and more people worldwide getting licenses by the minute. Some healthcare professionals are bothered by the dwindling number of their clients, and make loose efforts in getting the old ones back as well as luring new patients. Competition can be devastating for anyone’s career, especially if the professional does not have an inkling about marketing and how it can improve his/ her career track. Hiring a healthcare marketing agency seems like an appropriate choice.

To most healthcare specialists, marketing is seen as a money waster. The practice of establishing brand awareness and maintaining exposure among the masses with a number of tactics and strategies is not considered important. Yet, they forget that these strategies aim to educate people about the different services and especially the benefits of a given healthcare professional. Approaching a marketing agency early on is a smart move and will ensure good exposure throughout the rest of the healthcare professional career.

Choosing the right marketing agency to handle healthcare marketing can be a daunting task. Marketing agencies tend to multiply in areas where businesses can be found, yet professionals still do not have any idea whom to choose. Here are several factors to look at before choosing from the selection.

1. Specialization in Healthcare

While most marketing agencies have the same goal of establishing brand awareness, not all are familiar with the process advertising healthcare services. Marketing this type of service is very different from advertising a clothing brand, or an industrial product. Make sure to do enough research and find a marketing agency that seems confident in handling a delicate issue as healthcare. A good idea is to focus your research in those companies that only specialize in your industry. Their connections and expertise could become your greatest asset.

2. Well-Versed in Legislation Restrictions

Unlike marketing for clothing brands or books, implementing marketing strategies to boost the medical profession has some limitations. You should check the agency’s knowledge in current legislation. Client-confidentiality requirements and required processes in the healthcare industry, for example. An understanding of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) will assure you that the agency knows what they are doing in promoting your products and services.

3. Proof of Professionalism

Some marketing agencies are all talk but no action. In order to prove their professionalism, search online and look at their company blogs and websites. Review their company blogs and other marketing channels like social media profiles in Facebook or LinkedIn. Bear in mind that if you choose that a certain company, you will also have products like these in the future. If you sense they have a low number of followers and are careless in putting information on their sites, crash their name out in the list.

Some agencies also put a list of different brands and government bodies they have worked with in their company websites. You could contact these companies via email and ask them if they have been serviced by the agency well. Getting a second opinion or a recommendation from real clients could make a big difference in your decision.

In searching for the right healthcare marketing agency, always put you and your business first. If you feel uncomfortable with their marketing representatives, you can look for another company. If you imagine that the business will succeed with a certain agency’s help, then go with your instincts.

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