Blog Post Don’t sell to your patients, educate them

Don’t sell to your patients, educate them



Don’t sell to your patients, educate them

Good marketing is good education, which is probably why the best teachers in the world often make the best sales people. Motivational speakers are great example of this. Are they selling you? Or are they teaching you? The line is often very blurry, and so it should be in health care marketing. At Tech Med Marketing our sales people are educators. They ensure clients understand the process of marketing and the benefits of each endeavor.

Your visual advertising campaign, your branding, your direct marketing campaign, should all represent some form of education for your clients. By educating the client, they feel as though they owe you, and will thank you for it by purchasing your product or services. The Tech Med Marketing Blog is a great example; an educational tool yet a great form of publicity for its wide range of services.

A great way to educate your client is through online videos explaining the procedures of your medical practice, why its necessary, or the benefits. Other ways to educate your clients include the use of white papers, educational areas within your website, or marketing collateral.

White papers are generally subject specific information that your clients can read in their own leisure. When connected to your website, white papers also have a collateral benefit of improving your search engine optimization, attracting potential customers to your site. They may be simply searching for health information rather than actually wanting to purchase a service or product from your practice. It is important you educate them on your service or product benefits, but also how to get involved with your company and the process of becoming a client. At the very least, include on your white papers and video presentations, links to purchasing or to find more on your product or service.
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