Blog Post Market and Brand Your Practice by Publishing Podcasts on iTunes

Market and Brand Your Practice by Publishing Podcasts on iTunes



Market and Brand Your Practice by Publishing Podcasts on iTunes

You are a doctor. And you want to market and brand your practice. You can either hire a marketing agency or consultant or you can start doing some marketing on your own. If you go for the latter, you should start doing this yesterday.

Marketing on your own has many implications and techniques. You can start an email marketing campaign. You can publish a book. You can start a blog. Or you can start a vlog. You can publish articles. And you can start a podcast. While all these inbound marketing campaigns may or may not work for everyone. I think you should seriously think about one. Pick the one that makes you feel more comfortable.

In this post I will teach you how to get started in podcasting. I personally think podcasting its a terrific inbound marketing approach for doctors. And I also think it deserves more attention from the internet marketing community.

Publishing your Podcast on iTunes

This post might get a bit too technical here. But after setting up your podcasting station, I promise you won’t have to get too technical in the future.

At the minimum you should be using Gmail. At the very best you may already have a place to host files online. Here’s a simple explanation to host podcasts using Google. You can skip the details, just click on the link and you’ll be set. You are basically granting access to a public folder hosted in your Google Drive.

Now you should record some audio files using you favourite audio recording tool. Remember they should be in Mp3 format.

Finally you’ll have to complete all the Apple requirements. Which include completing an iTunes form, creating an iTunes friendly RSS feed, and submiting it to iTunes Store for approval. All of these steps are clearly explained in this article. Feel free to reach out to me if you need additional clarifications.

Brand your Practice using podcasts?

You’ll want to invest some time thinking about the concept of your podcast. Which in fact should be in line with your personal and medical branding strategy. Ideally you already have a branding strategy in place and are only looking to expand your reach. If this is the case your podcast topics should help enforce your branding. These podcasts can include tips, personal experiences, interviews, conferences and news.

You could also be using podcasts to grow your practice. Perhaps you have established a reputation among your patients throughout the years. Perhaps you are seen as a regional or local expert. Perhaps you have achieved all of these without actually having implemented a strategy. Now would be the best time to define your branding strategy.

Here are some podcast examples to get you inspired:

American Dental Association podcasts innitiative

Medicinet historical podcasts

Clearly podcast marketing for medical practices has not been fully exploited. While it may not work for every practice or organization, especially considering the time commitment it requires. It is an excellent way to stay in touch with your patients while also showing off your expertise. Are you podcasting?
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